Common Excuses Not To Start Saving Money

Common Excuses Not To Start Saving Money

Saving money can be difficult, but with the right guidance putting away emergency funds can help deal with an unexpected repair bill you can’t afford. However, one the hardest parts of saving money is to overcome all excuses for not doing so already.

If you want to put away money for a rainy day, experts generally recommend saving roughly three months of your current income. Depending on how much you make, this total can vary significantly. This way, if you encounter a life event, such as job loss, this will be able to take the pressure off of your budget while you figure things out.

Excuse: You Have A Bad History With Saving
You may have tried to save money in the past, but had little success. However, this shouldn’t be your excuse for not trying now, says U.S. News and World Report.

Over the years, your financial situation can change, making it more important to put money away. For example, if you have children or a new car that could need repairs in the future, putting away cash is that much more important.

Additionally, if you have hopped around job positions in recent years, you may be earning more now than you did in the past, which can also make it easier to start saving.

Excuse: You Have Too Much Debt
Debt payments can make it difficult to put money away. This includes financial obligations, such as auto to students loans to credit card debt. However, over time, the more debt you pay off, the more you should be able to save.

As you pay down debt and reduce your balance, the amount of interest you owe is subsequently reduced, resulting in smaller monthly payments. With this money you save, you could put it into your emergency fund to get the ball rolling for additional savings.

Excuse: The Economy Makes It Difficult To Save
This is one of the oldest excuses in the book, but every generation has certain economic trials they must overcome. Although you may spend more money on everyday items as wages remain stagnant, you need to reassess what you’re spending your money on.

If you regularly make small purchases that you can live without, consider cutting these costs from your budget. While these may not seem like very much on their own, they can add up to a considerable amount of money over time.

Excuse: My Spouse Spends Too Much Money
If your primary excuse for not saving money is that your spouse spends too much money, it’s time for a discussion about your finances. It’s much easier to save money if you both you and your spouse are on the same page.

Additionally, if your spouse’s spending is a subject of tension, this could develop into bigger problems later on, so it could be beneficial to address any problems before it ruins your relationship.

Creating A Savings Account Could Be Viable Solution
Once you whip your budget into shape, it’s time to make a place to start accumulating your savings. This could come in the form of a high-yield savings account, which would allow your money to grow and mature by collecting interest.

Make sure you emergency fund has it’s own account separate from your everyday account. This can reduce any temptation you may have to spend you money on unnecessary items.

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